Carnival of Debt Reduction #132 – The Moving Edition

Debt Reduction Moving EditionI didn’t move this weekend.

But my brother and his wife did. So I helped them move into their new apartment on Saturday. Despite having multiple people to help, it still took a full work day to get the job done.

Then my parents needed my help emptying their basement because they’ve got builders coming over on Tuesday to start finishing the basement. You think it wouldn’t take long to empty a basement, but my parents’ basement is 3,000 square feet, and it was about 40% full.

So guess what I did yesterday afternoon? Move!

With the exception of Sunday morning (when we had brunch with my in-laws), I spent the entire weekend moving stuff. Hence, “The Moving Edition” of the Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Let’s get started…

Fragile Items – Handle with Care (Editor’s Picks)

I enjoyed this post because Jason explains why he feels reducing debt is actually easier than losing weight. And he talks about setting realistic expectations over time. A good read.

This post made me laugh because it starts with a discussion of a radio station that planned to play music all the time. No commercials, no fund-raising pitches, nothing. So how did they plan to stay in business? Read this post to find out.

This is probably the most passionate post in the Carnival. More of a rant than anything. I can’t say there’s much personally actionable advice, but it’s still definitely worth reading.

A humorous/serious look at how retail stores attempt to push you into opening new credit cards… and what you can do about it.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes! – Easy to lift, easy to stack.

Heavy Lifting – Bend at the Knees, Focus & Lift!

Awkward Items – These almost didn’t fit into the Debt Reduction Moving Truck, but I managed to squeeze them in.

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20 thoughts on “Carnival of Debt Reduction #132 – The Moving Edition”

  1. Thanks for including my post. I’ve put up a post linking back to the carnival. Thanks again!!! This is a valuable service. If you ever need a host, I’m available.

  2. You’re welcome!

    And so you know, I did NOT include all posts. Some were just too far afield. I really couldn’t fit them in the “truck!”

    Thanks, Bill, for linking back to the Carnival.

  3. FYI – It seems something is wrong with DebtFREE-Revolution. You can view the home page, but no other links work on the site. All of them produce 404 Page Not Found errors.

    I’ll leave Ana’s link up for now so she has a chance to fix her blog. I was able to access her post this morning, so this is a recent problem, and she may not even be aware of it yet.

    In the mean time, you can read her post “Too Much Debt” by going to her blog’s home page at:

    The home page is working, just not the individual post pages. Maybe a WordPress database problem…

  4. Thanks for leaving the link up, Ryan. While migrating my domain to a new IP, somehow my .htaccess file disappeared :X Of course, this happened right before I headed off for lecture (what timing, huh?) Hopefully I won’t be having much more “adventures in hosting” issues. Carnival round-up will be posted in a day or so :)

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