Carnival of Twenty Something Finances – Ruthless Edition

Welcome to Debt Reduction Formula and the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances.

There were scores of submissions (I stopped counting at 80), and I’ve never seen so many multiple submissions in my life. (Whoa, Nelly! Don’t submit the same post three times… and don’t submit four or five posts all for one carnival!)

Anyway, I wanted this issue of the Carnival to be valuable to my READERS, so I deleted ruthlessly. More than half of the submissions did NOT make the cut.

Reasons I deleted entries:

  • Boring. If I fall asleep reading it, my readers probably will too.
  • Irrelevant. If your post had nothing to do with being 20, and was just generic financial advice for anybody, chances are I cut it.
  • Irritating. If you submitted four or five posts, I just deleted them all. There is a real person on the other end of a Carnival, and they don’t have time to read your entire blog archive to pick one post to feature. You are supposed to pick your best post for consideration — not the Carnival host.

Okay, on with the show.

Editor’s Picks

Comments: I never had any student loans, so I don’t know what that feels like. Still, I sympathize with Stephanie and her struggle to pay back her student loans. If you’re currently going to college, you can learn a lot from these cautionary tales.

Comments: When my grandparents died, my parents said it was a strange feeling knowing they were “next in line.” Furthermore, they no longer had any parents they could turn to for help. I’m fortunate that my parents and in-laws can help us out if needed — but it’s not that way for everybody.

Comments: There’s always a price for free stuff, as MoneyNing points out. It’s good to have an understanding of how free offers work so you can avoid the bad ones and take advantage of the good ones.

Comments: I like how J. Money shares the good things that have resulted from the downturn in the economy. It’s always worthwhile to look at “the other side of the story.”

Other Solid Entries Worth Your Time

Thanks for participating in this Carnival.

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Thank you! :-)

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7 thoughts on “Carnival of Twenty Something Finances – Ruthless Edition”

  1. @Studenomics – You’re welcome!

    @Lulugal – No problem. Forced me to think more about what makes for an acceptable submission and what doesn’t. :-)

    @LAL – You’re welcome, too!

  2. While I appreciate the tips and find this otherwise a worthwhile blog, that nasty bouncing signup thing has driven me away–I have some brain damage from getting electrocuted/cooked with electric wires by accident in the past year, and visually it messes me up and drives me away by overloading the mind in a way that says “get away from that confusing moving thing!”, and so I do–might be worth considering if it does that to too many people and defeats your goals in that regard–(and it doesn’t let me submit this with my corrected email–hmm–bye and good luck!)

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