Catching Up…

It’s been quite a while since I posted to this blog — two months, actually.

There are a variety of reasons: we moved in May, business has kept me exceptionally busy, and after writing this blog weekly for a year and a half, I think I needed a break.

The break has been good, but because of my silence, I’ve got a lot to catch you up on.

We Bought Furniture

In a previous post, I asked for your input on what kind of furniture we should get. We ended up buying high-end furniture for our bedroom, and some mid-level furniture for the office.

The office furniture is 100% paid for. The bedroom furniture is partially paid for; we financed the balance on a 12-month no-interest loan.

I know… debt went up a little bit (as will be reflected in my August update)… but we had to get furniture. And I preferred to buy something that would last for years.

We Sold Our 2nd Car

After eight and a half years, we sold our Hyundai Elantra with the idea we would replace it with something nicer.

Of course, if we buy another car, that will increase our debt. So I’m a bit torn as to what to do.

Stay tuned.

We’ve Continued to Pay Down Debt

Here are our debt numbers from June and July.

Debt Reduction July 2009

So total debt is well under $30,000 — and credit card debt is well under $10,000.

As I mentioned, our debt has gone up with our funiture purchase, and that will be added in next month.

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3 thoughts on “Catching Up…”

  1. Glad to see you posting again and still fighting away.

    I’m confused about the furniture issue? What happened to your old furniture? Was it part of the rental you were in before?

    I was on a retainer in for many month then in May the company suddenly went under. I had already pretty much closed down my freelance business and was building an online biz in the background. Well, I got building much quicker. It’s been real tight and messy, but we made it.

    Really have become stoic about not buying stuff.

    Shoe fell apart. Instead of paying $150… paid $15 to get the sole put back on.

    Stroller’s tires go ruined. Paid $22 to get new wheels shipped versus $500 for a new stroller.

    Stopped buying vitamins and have been juicing local produce.

    Bike got stolen — so I’m just walking.

    All the while we are finally building an asset and not just working for other people.

    Looking forward to what you decide regarding the car. Keep the tale coming. Only $30K to go.

  2. Hey John!

    Wow. I’m proud of you for building an asset. That’s something I’d like to do — have even tried to do — but I haven’t learned the art of saying no to clients.

    When we moved, we wanted it to be as easy as possible. So we sold our bedroom furniture before we moved. Then just had our clothes on the floor for 6 weeks.

    There was nothing wrong with the old furniture… we’d had it for nearly 10 years and wanted new furniture. My bureau in particular was so small that jeans wouldn’t even fit in the drawers.

    Sure, we could have “made do,” but we decided to upgrade.

    As for the car… we could have kept it longer… but at this point we still got $3,900 back out of it… and now we don’t have to deal with major car repairs when those start happening.

    With my personality, I prefer to get nice things, use them for a long time, then sell them before they become “problems.”


  3. Well, possessing such skill that your clients find you invaluable is a pretty good asset. Very hard for someone to take that away from you.

    I’m just enjoying infopublishing more. Really feels right for me. Involves a lot of low-key copywriting (relying more content marketing). I was never terribly comfortable with the whole freelance copywriting thing. I much more enjoy the suspense of daily sales stats (which sometimes aren’t as “daily” as I would prefer they were).

    Yeah, buying to last makes sense. I bought a very expensive Italian pair of walking shoes (in Italy) in 2001. Only last week did the sole start to come off. And I use them a lot! Cobbler said it would only cost $11.25 to fix.

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