Link Round-Up: April 20, 2009

Here are a few debt-related posts to check out if you have a few minutes…

Carnival of Debt Reduction at Simply Forties – This week, my April debt update was featured in the carnival. I’ve now paid off 55% of my debt… and still going strong.

Discovering Your Financial Priorities – This was chosen as an Editor’s Pick in the carnival. The main point is that you must discover your financial priorities and find balance between debt reduction, living frugally, and actually enjoying life. Worth a read.

How to Get Out of Debt – Five Cent Nickel has put together a nice summary of how to get out of debt. He wrote it because he heard an ad touting a “silver bullet” debt reduction system on the radio — for a price of course. So he published his methods for free.

A Sneaky Credit Card Trick – LuluGal writes about how a recent change at her credit card company almost caused her some late fees. Worse, the credit card company didn’t bother telling her of the change. (Important to know if you use online bill pay services that mail checks on your behalf.)

Link Round-Up: January 15, 2009

The last time I did a link round-up, it was early December. How time flies!

Here are a few good articles from the fellow members of the Debt Bloggers Network, as well as another blog I like to read.

Profile of a Freelancer – FWP was recently laid off from her job and literally forced into freelancing. Since I’m a full-time freelance copywriter, FWP interviewed me about how I got started, the struggles I faced, and how my life has changed. This is the interview she did with me.

(And, in case you’re interested, you can go here to learn How to Get Your First Real Copywriting Client in 14 Days or Less.)

Save Money by Dumpster Diving – LuluGal has a neighbor who rummages through the dumpster on a regular basis, looking for items she can keep.

I remember as a young teenager going through the scrap bins on work sites. We would take scrap wood to build ramps, forts, etc. And my wife and I once snagged a fake tree that was put out on the curb for the trash man to take.

What do you think? Is dumpster diving a legit way to save money? Go leave a comment and let LuluGal know.

Buying in Bulk Isn’t Always the Best Option – That One Caveman does a good job of illustrating why it sometimes costs you money to buy in bulk — and how the humble coupon can change everything.

(For a similar perspective, please see my article The Perils of Buying in Bulk.)

That’s all for now. Enjoy!

Link Round-Up: December 5, 2008

Well, this week felt mostly normal. I took some time off last week for Thanksgiving, so I spent this week catching up.

Here are some posts worth checking out:

Profile of a Freelancer: Mrs. Micah – Here is a solid interview with Mrs. Micah, a fellow personal finance blogger and freelancer. Mrs. Micah does a variety of “gigs,” and it’s interesting to hear her thoughts on freelancing and what it’s done for her.

3 Tools Every Personal Finance Blogger Should Have – LuluGal lists her three “required” tools for personal finance bloggers. They also happen to be good suggestions for just about everybody.

One Week Without Cable: The Good and the Bad – ThatOneCaveman writes about his experience giving up cable. Sounds like the transition hasn’t been without its problems, but overall he feels like the change is a good one. (My recommendation: Ditch the TV entirely.)

Thanks for reading… and have a great weekend!

Link Round-Up: November 18, 2008

As I checked my RSS reader today, more posts caught my eye than normal. After reading them, I decided to share them with you here.

Move to a Rural Area – Gather Little by Little suggests moving to a rural area to save money. His suggestion really resonated with me since I’ve wanted to move out and get some land for quite a while now. Turns out GLBL Guy has actually done it — and is now enjoying some considerable savings.

Things It’s Cheaper to Do Yourself – Ever since I read The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches, I’ve been much more inclined to do things myself. In fact, this summer I replaced the kitchen sink faucet and saved about $300. Here, J.D. shares a list of 5 things you can do yourself to save big money.

Total Debt Paid Off Now More Than $30K – Since Tricia began “blogging away her debt,” she has paid off more than $30,000 — a major milestone, for sure! I like stories like these because they motivate me to keep pushing forward.

Broke Because You Want to Be: 12 Rules for Debt Elimination – In this article, FWP reviews Larry Winget’s book You’re Broke Because You Want to Be, along with his 12 rules for getting out of debt. Definitely worth reading.

Thanks for reading! Look for more good stuff here at Debt Reduction Formula soon.

Link Round-Up: November 8, 2008

On Friday, October 24, I left Colorado for a trip to Breezewood, Pennsylvania and New York City. I returned on October 29, but didn’t resume working until October 30.

Since I had very little computer time while I was away, I neglected my blogging… and only just caught up on work-related things this week. Hence, I’m just now getting to my first link round-up in the last couple weeks.

So: It was an interesting week, wasn’t it?

Obama is now the President-elect. The stock market is still dropping. And the most recent reports about retail sales, housing sales, and unemployment are… how shall I say this?… dismal.

In fact, Anthony Karydakis, a former Chief U.S. Economist for JP Morgan Asset Management, writes:

Any doubt that we’re officially in a recession can be put aside. Fourth-quarter real GDP is likely to contract sharply. The rapid deterioration of labor markets points to a sharp decline in hours worked and output in the fourth quarter. This is likely to lead to a decline in personal consumption to the tune of 5% or so for that period. Since that makes up about 70% of the economy, the stage has already been set for real GDP to shrink at a more than 4% rate in the fourth quarter.

In light of this, it will be critical to:

  • Reduce costs.
  • Repay debts.
  • Save money in an emergency fund.
  • Oh… and look for opportunities to increase your income.

Anyway, here are some recent posts from my fellow Debt Bloggers Network members that I think are worth reading.

Bulging Wallets Not Good for Your Health or Wealth – I resonated with this post because I wrote about the back problems caused by fat wallets a few years ago when I was still writing a health blog. But what I liked more about FWP’s post was her point that fat wallets are a wealth risk. In other words, if you carry fewer credit cards, you’ll be less likely to make poor spending decisions.

Make Minimum Payments to Avoid Disaster – Anna recently received a comment from a reader who is having trouble making her minimum payments on her credit cards. The reader asked whether or not she could pay less than the minimum. Clearly, doing this is ill-advised for a variety of reasons Anna outlines in her post.

Help a Reader Pay Off Debt – LuluGal offers a real-life scenario in which a reader asks how it’s possible for him to pay off £11,000 of debt in 6 months on an income of £18,000. There are some creative ideas in the Comments section. Perhaps you’ll want to leave a suggestion of your own.

Carnival of Debt Reduction #164 – Coincidentally, Financial Wellness Project, a fellow Debt Bloggers Network member, also hosted the Carnival of Debt Reduction this week. My post “Will Your Debt Be Marked Down?” was included.

That’s it for this week. Look for more good stuff next week.