This Is Crap!

Those were the words of a disgruntled reader who recently unsubscribed from my email list. Coincidentally (or not), he unsubscribed right after I published my post about becoming “Instantly Debt Free.”

I wonder which part he didn’t like: the part about forgiveness of debts or the part about getting rid of the income tax?

Who wouldn’t want their debts to be forgiven?

Who wouldn’t appreciate an increase in cash flow because of no longer paying the income tax?

Oh, well. Some people are weird. They just love getting screwed over by greedy credit card execs and power-hungry politicians.

And some people just like to rob certain classes of people through the tax code so they can give it away to others who they feel are more deserving — and, of course, take their cut as the middle man.

I’m not for any of it.

And if somebody is offended by the ideas of debt forgiveness or living in a country where there is no income tax… then this is definitely not the blog for them to be reading.

Offended? Vindicated? Leave a comment and make yourself heard.

We Stand on the Threshold

Since today is Election Day in the United States, we stand on the threshold. A new leader will be elected to lead this country. Where will he lead us? What is on the other side of this threshold? Of course, we have no way of knowing; we can only venture vague guesses.

As one person said, if you vote for McCain and he wins, you will probably regret it four years from now. And if you vote for Obama and he wins, you will probably regret that, too, four years from now.

The only way you can really win is by voting for the losing candidate. That way, when everything gets worse, you can comfort yourself by saying, “At least I didn’t vote for him!”

I wish I could be enthusiastic about politics. But politics have proven to be a safe haven for half-truths, political spin, and blatant lies. Truth is not popular in politics.

And time has proven that most Presidents, before they are elected, are “full of it” — full of empty promises, that is. Since when has a President followed through on even half of the promises he made on the campaign trail?

So, yes, we stand on the threshold. But it is the threshold of the unkown. We have no way of knowing what will happen once McCain or Obama takes the reins — or even if one of them will take the reins.

Despite my outlook, I still voted. The difference between me and most folks is I’m not looking for a political savior. Our future is in God’s hands — not an elected official. Keep that in mind as history marches forward.

How to Blow Twelve Grand… Literally!

It’s gone, man.Perhaps no symbol defines the extravagance of 21st century American life better than the engagement ring.

The prevailing trend in the diamond/engagement business is this: bigger is better.

And if you don’t spend at least three months wages on a ring (preferably six months or more), you risk the scorn of society, and possibly even your would-be fiance.


Take this story, for instance. A young man named Lefkos Hajji spent $12,000 on an engagement ring.

To surprise his girlfriend, he put the ring inside a helium balloon. The idea? To “pop” the question by popping the balloon. (Everybody say “Ahhhhh…”)

Unfortunately, a gust of wind ripped the balloon from his hand before he ever had a chance to propose. He lost the balloon… and the ring.

Now that’s how you blow $12 grand… literally!

Hajji, who hails from London, says he felt like such a plonker. But that’s not the worst of it.

Upon hearing the news, his girlfriend went raving mad. According to Hajji, “Now she is refusing to speak to me until I get her a new ring.”

It seems the absurdity of life never ends.

New Blog Theme

Just a quick FYI.

If you haven’t noticed already, I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress this morning and installed a new theme.

I’ve never been totally happy with the blog.txt theme, so I’m trying this theme on to see how I like it.

Some of my plug-ins are gone because they were hard-coded into the last theme. So it will take me a couple days to get this looking normal again.

The good news is, I’ll do it all with widgets so that future theme changes or upgrades won’t have any impact on the functionality of the plug-ins.

Also, the pop-over should now be gone since I believe it was one of those features that was hard-coded into my last blog design.

So… do you like it? Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!

How Much Do You Love Freedom?

I ask the question because our nation’s future hangs in the balance. Almost every presidential candidate in the 2008 race promises more of the same: more taxes, more unnecessary wars, more scandals and boondoggles.

But one candidate stands out. He believes in reducing taxes, limiting government, restoring privacy, and giving citizens personal choice. If elected, he plans to get rid of the IRS and the Department of Homeland Security. He also plans to get rid of The Patriot Act.

So who is this person? His name is Ron Paul.

A couple weeks ago, I reprinted an email from my Canadian friend, John C. A. Manley, on my copywriting blog. His email encouraged his readers to support Ron Paul. Since John’s readers are primarily interested in copywriting, he risked losing them by promoting a political candidate. A risky move, for sure.

But surprisingly, John received mostly positive feedback. In the comments section of my own blog, even more Canadians offered their support for Ron Paul.

It’s amazing how informed Canadians are about the U.S. presidential election. And I am also amazed by how strongly they support Ron Paul. So on Wednesday of this week, I created a new web site on a whim. You can see it here…


I’ve now submitted this site to Digg to help publicize it and get other Canadians to sound off. If enough Americans see what Canadians are saying, maybe they will investigate Ron Paul for themselves. Perhaps they will support him or even vote for him.

If you have a account, would you please Digg this?

==> “Even Canadians Are Voting for Ron Paul”

If you like the web site, forward it to your friends and family. If you have a blog, please share it with your readers. And, of course, feel free to Stumble this, bookmark it in, or whatever else you can think of.

My Best,


P.S. You can learn more about Ron Paul here.

P.P.S. Would you like to be a part of history? Consider protesting excessive taxation by participating in this year’s Boston Tea Party on this Sunday, December 16th.