Group Writing Project: The Recession

Has the recession affected you? Do you think it’s going to get better or worse? How should we be preparing?

If you have answers to these questions or any particular thoughts about the recession… and you’d like to write about them on your blog… we invite you to participate in our first group writing project.

Right now, the Debt Bloggers Network is writing about the recession in the month of November — and we’d like YOU to participate. Here’s how:

1. Write a post about the recession. You can write about anything you want, so long as it involves your thoughts on the recession, tips for surviving the recession, etc. It’s pretty open-ended. (If you can tie-in anything about debt, that’s even better.)

2. Publish your post on your blog just like you normally would.

3. Send an email to groupwritingproject [at] debtbloggersnetwork [dot] com. Include the following information in your email: your name, the link to your post, trackback link, and the title of your post.

4. The deadline to participate is Sunday night, November 16, at midnight Pacific time.

We will, as a group, link to all the articles included in this group writing project. All we ask is that you include the same links as we do (you can simply copy ours). That way, we all share the traffic… and we all benefit as a group.

Interested? Alright, get writing!

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