Hummer Owners Feel the Pain of Filling Up (Boo-Hoo)

Hummer: Gas HogIt seems Americans have a new pain point when it comes to filling up their SUVs, and it happens whenever it costs more than $100 to fill a tank with gas.

According to this article, $100 for a Tank of Gas?, many SUV and truck owners are now doing more frequent partial fills simply to avoid a three-digit price tag at the gas pump.

From the article:

Hummer clubs are hurting, too. In Nebraska, Ric Hines of the Omaha Hummer Owner Group — known as Omahog — stopped doing off-road trips this summer and started riding his recumbent bicycle instead.

Frankly, I think this is a real example of positive change.

Far more good comes from riding a bike than from off-roading in a gas hog.

And $4-a-gallon gas forces people to analyze the miles they’re driving and why — instead of just driving anywhere, anytime on a whim.

Unfortunately, not everybody has a clue. Again, quoting from the article:

Colleen Hammond of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, loves packing her three kids and all their soccer gear into her 2000 GMC Yukon XL. But she hates paying $160 to fill the 38.5-gallon tank. Last month, she parked the Yukon in her driveway and borrowed her friend’s Toyota Land Cruiser.

“I don’t know if it gets better gas mileage, but I like her car because it costs $100 to fill it,” said Ms. Hammond, 40. “I think $100 for a tank of gas is cheap now.”

Riding a bike instead of driving a Hummer = good decision.

Driving a Toyota Land Cruiser instead of a GMC Yukon XL = stupid.

I’d recommend SUV owners swap for more fuel-efficient sedans. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to sell or trade SUVs right now. So a better option may be to simply drive less.

Your thoughts, dear reader? Leave a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Hummer Owners Feel the Pain of Filling Up (Boo-Hoo)”

  1. 350 out of 365 Days of the year I will agree with you, I bought a 2002 Trailblazer LXT when my Toyota 4 Runner died on me. Gas is H E Double Hockey Sticks. It’s costing me 60 to 75 bucks a tank to fill my 20 gallon behemoth.

    I then take you back to last sunday, New Orleans Louisianna. Summer storms have flooded the streets once again to the point that ‘all those little cars’ are pulled over on the side of the road, praying they haven’t flooded the engine. I’m high and dry. THANK GOD I HAD THE FORESIGHT TO BUY AN SUV.

    I have to be gas consious when I drive now, I make sure to hit all my errands efficiently, try to go to fast / start to fast / get into a situation where I have to break too hard. but I love the big truck.

  2. Hey Rob – I empathize with you on the $70 fills. I drive a Honda Odyssey minivan and that’s how much it costs to fill the tank. I’ve got three kids in car seats, so the minivan is about the best option for us.

    And I can see the value of having an SUV certain times of year. I don’t live in New Orleans… but I do live in Denver. Every time we get a big blizzard, it’s tempting to think how nice it would be to have a truck.

    But I work from home, so I rarely (if ever) have the need to go out in a snow storm.

    Sounds like you’re doing what’s necessary to keep your gas bill as low as possible given the vehicle you have.


  3. I know I stopped a ton of unproductive business networking activities because they took me all over the S. Indiana / Kentucky region and the prospecting wasn’t worth the fuel costs. Its amazing the impact of $25 providing 5.2 gallons of gas.

    Thankfully I drive a Honda Element which gets 25mpg, not huge but a lot better than the HummHogs.

    I refer to the Element as my mini-Hummer… a Chummy or Chummer. ;>

  4. Kate – There is now a real cost/benefit analysis to driving just about anywhere.

    A “free” meal at mom and dad’s house might actually cost $8 or more in gas. Certainly, I continue to drive to my parent’s house for get-togethers, but the cost of gas makes you think.

    I’ve considered getting an Element before. I like them. And I love your nickname: Chummer… LOL!

  5. I understand to the large cost of filling up a large truck or SUV. My husband has a 4 door Ford F350 Diesel Truck. The cost of filling up is around $130.00. So to help reduce the cost of gas we bought on clunker for him to drive to and from work. I know what you are thinking….why not get rid of the large truck. Well, we live the Texas and have land in the hill country which require us the need for a large truck. When he purchased the truck the price of diesel was a lot cheaper per gallon than regular unleaded gasoline. Unfortuately times have change incrediably over the past few months. Never would I have dreamed gas prices sky rocketing like they have. I am afraid that we haven’t seen the last of difficult times. One good thing – the clunker costs alot less to drive and we were able to put our 16 year old daughter as the primary drive on the 1997 vehicle which has saved on our insurance premiums.

  6. @LJ – The price of diesel must be a killer.

    My wife and I drove to the mountains this weekend. We saw lots of RVs and “fifth wheels.” I thought: “With the price of diesel, who can afford an RV?”

    Nobody ever expected the prices to flip-flop like they did.

    And like you pointed out, sometimes you just need a truck — for instance, when you live in the hill country of Texas.

    (You don’t need a Hummer to drive around downtown Denver though.)

  7. I prefer the bicycle option, as a student any dollar helps, and more when you are trying to save them for the future…so no hummer.

    It also gives me a green feeling that I’m helping the world…he he he

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