Lessons on Being Frugal

This week was the 98th Festival of Frugality hosted by Lynnae at her Being Frugal blog. One of my articles was featured in the blog carnival.

With any carnival, I like to point out a few of my favorites. Here are three from this go-around.

  1. Inexpensive Ways to Woo Your Wife – Some good tips here. If I may add a suggestion of my own, how about back rubs? My wife never turns one down.
  2. Frugal Moving Tips – Save money when you move. This one interested me because I moved recently… and I expect I’ll be moving end of September next year. One question: Anybody figured out how to avoid the fees phone companies charge to “reconnect” your service?
  3. Frugality Lessons of Carl Weathers – This one is an interview with actor Carl Weathers, better known for his role as Apollo Creed in Rocky. There’s not a lot of information that the average person can apply, but his suggestions get you thinking in new directions.


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