Link Round-Up: October 17, 2008

This morning’s news reports that “The housing industry, which enjoyed a five-year boom, is suffering its worst downturn in decades.”

Apparently, both the construction of new homes, as well as requests for building permits, have dropped significantly. They are at their lowest levels since 1991 and 1981, respectively.

Since we’re now heading into the holiday season — a time when most folks are focused on family, friends, and relaxation — I expect the housing market to sour even more.

Makes me happy that God prevented us from buying a house in September. We were negotiating on one particular house, but it just never worked out. So we signed another 6-month lease.

Before I sign off for the weekend, here are some of the best posts of the week from the Debt Bloggers Network, of which I am a part.

Sleep Is Good for Your Wealth – Sounds like FWP is having a hard time getting to sleep before midnight, and it’s affecting here ability to concentrate, make decisions, and feel motivated. I agree with her point: Sleep is critical to every aspect of your life… even debt reduction.

Quickie Bedroom Makeovers – Tired of your current house? Follow these eight cheap and easy ways to cozy up a room — and create a fresh look. Believe it or not, interior design is an interest of mine; my wife went through an interior design program in college, and I’ve enjoyed decorating with her.

Credit Score Dropped – LuluGal says here credit score dropped recently because of a balance transfer. The amount of debt didn’t change; she simply put it on one zero-interest card. Credit scores sure are fickle, aren’t they?

Is It Possible to Pay Off $34,121 in 11 Months? – Flashback: Nearly a year ago on Debt Reduction Formula, I had a total of $75,286.38 in debt. Now, 11 months later, it’s down to $41,165.13. That is a reduction of 45%. I never guessed I would make this much progress in less than a year. But that’s the power of intense focus and perseverance.

The day I become totally debt-free is getting closer by the month.

Have a great weekend!

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