Motorcycle Sold!

If you’ve been following my personal effort to pay off my debt, then you know my motorcycle has been a big struggle for me. I hated to sell it. But I realized it was something I needed to do.

So on April 23, I listed it for sale on Craig’s List. I spent five minutes and created a simple ad. Here is what it looked like:

My Motorcycle Ad

The first person who contacted me about the motorcycle scheduled a time to see it on May 2. He bought it the same day. Went to his bank and overnighted a certified check to BMW Financial Services.

I had a hunch God wanted me to sell my motorcycle. Okay, more than a hunch. He’d been telling me to sell it all winter long. So by listing it for sale, I fulfilled my obligation to obey His voice. At that point, it was up to Him to provide the buyer.

And provide He did!

Within 10 days, to be exact… and in a bad economy.

So my debt load is substantially lower now, and that’s a great feeling. I’ll post my updated debt numbers tomorrow. (I haven’t posted an update since February.)

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6 thoughts on “Motorcycle Sold!”

  1. Awesome, Man! Congratulations on the sale. I’ll be curious to see what your debt numbers are tomorrow. Keep up the good work.

  2. congrats on that. I myself should be down to one credit card debt next week. I’ve been working my butt off – every extra job available and my mom from heavan sent me 1400 in unclaimed funds found.

  3. Ben – Thanks! The updated numbers are now posted.

    Susan – Thank you. That’s great you’re making so much progress. Don’t you just love “found money?”

  4. hi DRF/Ryan,

    congrats on giving up your motorcycle (as hard as it may have been) to help you with your debt payments.

    i also sold my ninja 250ex 3 years ago when i bought a used sv650s as i couldn’t justify keeping both bikes (when i would only actual use one regularly), and in order to recover some money to pay off some debt. it was a good feeling indeed (once i got past the feeling of sadness of giving up my first beloved bike!).

    i couldn’t find a ‘contact’ e-mail, so..

    i would really like to put together a ‘debt blogging network’, similar in form and function as other networks that currently exist, such as the frugal blog network, the money blog network, etc.

    my hope is that a small handful of bloggers (5 or 6 for now) who blog in order to help themselves take charge of their debts, have accountability, and succeed with their financial goals could band together to support and promote one another.

    another feature that i am interested in is that the bloggers present posts that are more (personal) stories rather than mere ‘how-tos’, that the entries tend to be more than just lists. the occasional lists are not bad, but stories, i think are much more interesting and real.

    i would acquire a fitting domain name, and for instance, just as the other networks have set up, a central ‘feed’ of the latest blogs from members in the network. we could also have a group logo, among other requirements/features that we could decide together.

    i am working on finding others who fit the bill i am looking for.

    what do you think? i would be honored if you would be interested in joining me and a few others to help one another and work together.

    thanks for taking the time to read this inquiry.


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