My $10,000 Tax Bill

Tax BillIf you read my post about financial setbacks, then you already know my tax bill this year was $10,167.00. When I found out what I would have to pay in early January, I didn’t have the means of paying the bill. And so I prayed that God would provide the money.

Long story short, God provided and He gets all the praise.

You see, I’m not very good at moving mountains. But God is. Heck, he created the mountains!

My tax bill had to be paid in three separate payments: $312 to the unemployment office; $2,000 to the state department of revenue; and $7,855 to the federal government.

I wrote the checks for the first two payments earlier this month. But it was not until Wednesday (January 15, 2008) that I went down to the Wells Fargo to pay my federal tax bill.

I wrote a check out to Wells Fargo for the full amount. The bank then forwarded the money to the IRS. The amount was so large, the bank teller had to get approval from her manager to put the money through.

The good news is I paid for nearly 100% of my taxes with cash on hand. I borrowed a few hundred dollars from my line of credit, which I intend to pay back before the end of the month.

Two lessons learned (again):

  1. Plan better to pay my taxes in 2009.
  2. Always trust God, no matter what.
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6 thoughts on “My $10,000 Tax Bill”

  1. I knew God would make a way! Hey, you’re ahead of the rest of us with taxes. I’m still gathering all the papers and necessary info. Since my husband’s a pastor, we file self-employed…so therefore, we’ve got the once a year taxes also. Thankfully, it’s always worked out where we can pay through EIC, or we get a refund….last year, we paid 25.00 to federal, and in May got a 500.+ refund because we copied down the wrong line from the charts…funny how God works.

  2. Lynnae – Yes, it is awesome! :-)

    Lee – Thanks for your comment. I have to file early because I have a corporation. That’s great that you normally get a refund!

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