My Monthly Nut Just Got a Lot Smaller

Filbert NutsIf you’ve been a regular reader, you might be wondering, “Why hasn’t that fool sold his motorcycle yet?”

Good question.

I have an answer.

The main reason is I’ve been preoccupied by what, up until now, I had seen as a bigger financial problem. Namely, that of paying my brother Jared.

Since July, I’ve been paying Jared $2,500 a month to help me in my business. He did excellent work. But there was a problem. The business income stayed flat.

The last month or so has been more difficult. I used to be able to float a few weeks, no problem. Sometimes I went six weeks between projects without a hitch. But when you’re paying out $2,500 a month, that changes everything.

So my brother and I had a few talks. He decided he wanted to venture out on his own. And I decided I’d prefer to be in a more flexible situation where I can simply contract out the work I need done on a case by case basis.

I think this is best for both of us.

Starting this month, the month of November, my brother is now on his own. He’s working hard to get his marketing web site in place. And I’ve given him a strong recommendation on my copywriting blog. Already, in less than 24 hours, Jared’s 95% booked up for the next three months. Apparently, there’s quite a demand for the services he offers.

This is great news, for Jared and me both. It’s especially great news for my finances. It’s just one more step on my journey to becoming debt free.

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