Outstanding Debt as of July 2008

Time flies when you’re paying off debt!

Last month I reported that I was in “maintenance mode” — basically paying my minimum payments and building up my cash reserves.

This month is very much the same. I didn’t make any “over and above” payments. But yet I’m still making progress.

As you can see from this snapshot, I paid down my debt by more than $1,000 last month — about 2.3% of the total outstanding.

Outstanding Debt as of July 2008

In other news, I’m in the middle of creating and promoting a coaching program for freelance copywriters. And I did invest $108.99 in an out-of-print advertising book I found on Ebay (Reality in Advertising by Rosser Reeves).

This particular activity has to do with Step #5 in my 5-Step System for Paying Off Debt.

I am getting ready to pay off one or two balances, so I expect to have more exciting news next month. Stay tuned…

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