Spending Money Like There’s No Tomorrow

Our spending goes in fits and starts throughout the year. Sometimes we don’t spend much; other times it seems like we can’t hold onto our money.

Example: In the past couple months, we’ve spent $1,000 on homeschooling curriculum, around $400 on new clothes for the kids (since they’ve apparently outgrown all of last winter’s clothes), and $1,200 for fillings of all things.

That last expense was completely unexpected. My daughter came home from the dentist this past summer with not one but six cavities. Don’t ask me how that happened (no soda in the house, few sweets, etc.). She then had to go in three separate times over the summer. They filled two cavities each time.

And then there’s other miscellaneous expenses that have been piling up: renewing our license plates (happens once a year), birthday gifts, surprise doctor visits, etc.

All is to say, it’s been a little bit frustrating lately to keep our spending under control. I guess on the bright side it makes me more sensitive to where our money’s going so I can cut back as best I can. And once we get past the next couple weeks, maybe I’ll be able to look forward to a month or two where we don’t spend as much. :-)