This Carnival Is All Lit Up!

Lynnae at Being Frugal hosted this week’s 115th Carnival of Debt Reduction–and she did a great job, too. Not only did she lay out the articles in a structured fashion, she also featured some beautiful photos of lights from around the world.

My recent post Incomplete People Make Good Consumers was featured in the Carnival. Some of my favorites include…

  • How Talking About Money Is Like French Kissing – Most of my friends and family do not talk about money. Mentioning your income is like admitting to an extramarital affair. I suspect it’s because most people would rather be blissfully ignorant than unhappily informed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The Monevator offers a good perspective in this post.
  • Exactly How I Pay Off Debt, Mortgage, or Credit Cards Early – Here’s a brief post about how one man pays off his debts early. In fact, this guy used to have a lot of debt, but is now debt free. So his post is based on what worked for him.
  • 10 Small Ways to Make a Big Dent in Debt – This post talks about a variety of ways to reduce debt, including practical tips and behavioral changes. Which of these 10 are you already applying? Which should you start applying? Go read the post to find out.
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